Your Name
Eryl Jones
What Other Clubs Have You Played For?
Esclusham, Boldmere St Michaels (W & W), Garden Village, Cunliffe Arms
What Is Your Most Memorable Game ?
Beating Jack Hunt on way to qualifying in Crown King at Waterloo in 1981
What is your biggest disappointment in bowls?
Losing in the semi-final of the Welsh Merit in 1981to Tecwyn Williams, who lost in the final to Ivor Parry, Mal's dad
Who Is The Best Player You Have Played?
Malcolm Hughes, Brymbo, the most accurate and consistent player over many decades.
What Is The Best Green You Have Played On?
Brymbo in the early years after it was laid.  Last season: Criccieth
What Green Do You Like Playing On?
Do You Like Playing On A Heavy Green?
Don't mind - play each green as you find it and don't moan!
How Long Have You Been Playing Bowls?
Since 1958 with a break of ten years from 1963 until 1973.  Started again in Birmingham where we lived for nine years.
What Is Your Best Moment In Bowls?
Winning first two matches picked for Wales, home at Monsanto against Yorkshire and away at Birches Head Hanley against Potteries
Do You Like Playing On A Running Green?
Yes, but no longer have the 'touch' of years ago.
Do You Have Any Great Ambitions In Bowls?
To see Cunliffe win the Premier League with me still able to hold a place in the team.