Your Name
Michael Revill
What Clubs Have You Played For?
Only the Cunliffe. Blame my dad.
What Is Your Most Memorable Game ?
Any game that I win.
What Is Your Claim To Fame In Bowls?
Played for the Welsh Juniors.
What Is Your Claim To Fame Away from Bowls?
Play bass guitar in a band.
Who Is The Best Player You Have Played?
I can't remember his name but it was in the Welsh Counties League.
What Is The Best Green You Have Played On?
I can't remember the greens. I often don't know where I am.
What Green Do You Like Playing On?
Do You Like Playing On A Heavy Green?
It is alright I suppose, whatever.
How Long Have You Been Playing Bowls?
Since I was about eleven.
What Is Your Best Moment In Bowls?
Playing in the Flintshire Cup final last year, despite losing, against Bailey Hill.
Do You Like Playing On A Running Green?
Yeh It's alright.
What Is Your Favourite Football Team?
None really.
Do You Have Any Great Ambitions In Bowls?
No. Just to keep on playing.
Any Other Comments :-
No, not really.