Your Name
Malcolm Parry
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What Other Clubs Have You Played For?
Garden Village, Miners, Gresford Colliery, Esclusham.
What Is Your Most Memorable Game ?
Against Malcolm Hughes from Brymbo, when I was about 17 and he at the time was regarded as one of, if not 
the best player in the area, I won 21-20 with neither of us having a wood more than a few inches away throughout.
What is your Biggest Regret In Bowls?
Following on From the above I was selected as a reserve  for the County team (at that time it was a great honour to be selected)
But on the Sunday it was pouring with rain, and my Dad said the game would be off, so I didn't go. On the Monday 
Ernie Smith (from Brymbo) who was on the selection committee came to Garden Village and wiped the floor  with me, and told me 
I would have played, if I had turned up !!
What Is Your Claim To Fame In Bowls?
Lost 21-0 at Denbigh a few years ago on the Tuesday night and won the Miners Open the following Sunday !!!
<< Also lost in the Quarter-Final of the Welsh Merit against Mervyn Jones was 19-11 down came back to 19 across and lying 2 good uns for 
game Mervyn was steaming (not striking and off land) with his last bowl but  nicked his short wood and rested on the jack, he won the last
end, and the Merit that year, you have to have that bit of luck to win a Competition !! >>
Who Is The Best Player You Have Played?
Played a lot of good players over the years, but George Jones
from Esclusham was as good as any.
What Is The Best Green You Have Played On?
For Nostalgia it has to be "The Waterloo" in Blackpool, although never entered a competition there, 
best local green over the last couple of years Gresford Colliery
What Green Do You Like Playing On?
It used to be the Miners, it used to fly a few years ago….
Any now (when I win !!!!!!!!)
Do You Like Playing On A Heavy Green?
Not when it is brute force that wins you a game !
How Long Have You Been Playing Bowls?
Over 40 years since I was 12 >> should be good at it by now you would think !
What Is Your Best Moment In Bowls?
Probably watching my Dad win The Welsh Merit, and me winning the Miners
Open Comp. the 1st time when there was a quality field of 64 that day..
Do You Like Playing On A Running Green?
Yes every time, doesn't happen often though these days..
What Is Your Favourite Football Team?
There's only one United !
Do You Have Any Great Ambitions In Bowls?
Yes..The same as it has always been to Win The Welsh Merit..
Qualified for the finals on a few occasions, not in recent years!
Any Other Comments :-
Have been Captain Of A few Teams over the years, but would love to Captain a Team
that wins the top division of a league…