Your Name
Jim Clarke
What Other Clubs Have You Played For?
Parciau, Flexsys, Rossett
What Is Your Most Memorable Game ?
Clinching match taking Rossett to the old first division
What Is Your Claim To Fame In Bowls?
Probably being able to bowl through puddles
Who Is The Best Player You Have Played?
Kevin Nicholas
What Is The Best Green You Have Played On?
Mold Rec 2003 Flintshire
What Green Do You Like Playing On?
Do You Like Playing On A Heavy Green?
How Long Have You Been Playing Bowls?
25 years competitively
What Is Your Best Moment In Bowls?
Probably the first match in the old first division for Parciau - 1994ish
Do You Like Playing On A Running Green?
Do I hell!
Do You Have Any Great Ambitions In Bowls?
Only to stop myself being naggy when I lose