Your Name
Graham Rogers (Rogers Knows!!)
What Other Clubs Have You Played For?
The Gate, Millstone, Colwyn Bay
What Is Your Most Memorable Game ?
Getting the Cunliffe through to the Cyril Adams final in 2005 by beating Tony Baloney in the last match whilst he ate a Jam buttie. 
Very strange!!
What Is Your Claim To Fame In Bowls?
Unbeaten for the Junior Welsh Team over the 2 years I was involved, winning the County title twice.
What Is Your Claim To Fame Any?
Managing to fit into those Doggy Cunliffe T-Shirts sorted by Rubins, two years running!
Who Is The Best Player You Have Played?
Gwyn Morris. A top player and true gentleman on the green and didn't charge me for the lesson he gave me at Bangor. 
I think he let me get 3!
What Is The Best Green You Have Played On?
The Waterloo, Blackpool or the Woodlands.
What Green Do You Like Playing On?
I've always had fond memories of Bersham. I won my 1st comp there.
Do You Like Playing On A Heavy Green?
Now I'm playing with 2 12's, I'm always up for a sling fest!
How Long Have You Been Playing Bowls?
15 years.
What Is Your Best Moment In Bowls?
Qualifying for finals day at the Junior Waterloo or Qualifying for the Senior Welsh merit twice.
Do You Like Playing On A Running Green?
I'll have a game on anything.
What Is Your Favourite Football Team?
Manchester City. The real Manchester Team!!
Do You Have Any Great Ambitions In Bowls?
I hope I keep enjoying the game and don't give into the demons!!
Any Other Comments :-
Oh, I nearly forgot....I would also like to play Bird for big money at Blackpool or better still Northop!!!