1.             The club shall be called “The Cunliffe Arms Bowling Club".


2.             The purpose or object of the club is to develop and promote the game of bowls within a friendly and inviting atmosphere.  Membership of the Club is open to both genders irrespective of race, religion or sexual orientation.


3.             Officers:  Officers of the club shall include the following: President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and Welfare Officer


4.             General Committee: this shall be formed from the elected officers and up to five other co-opted members.  The committee shall meet on at least three occasions during the season to administer the running of the club.  The venue and dates of these meetings shall be decided by the Chairman.   Should the General Committee require help in resolving any administration matter, it shall have the power to co-opt any club member to assist concerning this aspect.  Once that matter has been resolved, such an appointment will cease.  Any matter arising which is beyond the remit of the General Committee and requires immediate attention will necessitate the calling of an EGM.  At least two officers must be present to form a quorum.  The committee shall have responsibility to administer club funds as they feel appropriate.


5.             Annual General Meeting: this shall be held early in the New Year (Jan/Feb).  All members are to be invited to attend the AGM where they have the opportunity to vote on motions and the election of officers.

5.1           Agenda for the AGM: to include the following – Apologies for absence, Obituaries, Minutes of the previous meeting, Matters arising from the minutes, Chairman’s Report, Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Captains’ Reports, Reports from the various league AGMs, Election of Officers, Captains, Handicapping Officers, Malpas Representative, Webmaster and Child Protection Officer, Proposed motions and amendments.

5.2          Nominations for Officers: these will be accepted on the night of the AGM provided the nominee is present at the meeting.  Should any nominee be unable to attend the AGM, written nominations will be accepted provided they reach the secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.  All nominations shall include the names of the proposer and seconder.

5.3          Notice of Motions:  it will be the responsibility of the secretary to notify the date of the AGM to all members and to provide an agenda seven days prior to that date.  In addition all proposed motions and amendments must be forwarded to the secretary in writing 14 days before the meeting in order to provide sufficient time to include them on the agenda.

5.4          Life Membership: life membership of the club will be granted to any member who has given loyal service and who is considered to be worthy of the honour.  This can be recommended by the committee and elected by the members at an AGM.


6.             Subscriptions:        

·         Membership:  all members, with the exception of Life Members, will pay an annual subscription fee as set by the committee and approved at the AGM or an EGM expressly called for that purpose.  Members wishing to play in competitive matches or just play socially will pay the full annual subscription.  Junior members in full-time education up to the age of 18 will pay an annual subscription equal to 25% of the full fee.  The fee for non-playing members will also be equal to 25% of the full fee.

·         Match fees:  all members, excluding junior members only, playing in any league match will pay a match fee as set by the committee and approved at the AGM or at an EGM expressly called for that purpose.

(set at £1 per player per match for the 2008 season).      

·         Walk-over: a player having a walk-over in a league match will receive 21 – 0 for the merit but not pay the £1 match fee or join the sweep.          


7.             Merit System:

League Merit – merit points to determine the winners will be gained only by playing in one particular league and no transfer of points will be allowed

Club Merit – for all teams the following rules shall apply:

·         The Merit winner will be the player with the greatest number of wins.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be the player with the highest percentage average – the difference between points for and against divided by the number of games played.

·         Merit points earned in a lower division of the league cannot be transferred to a higher division but merit points in a higher division can be transferred to a lower one

·         In the event of a player playing an equal number for two or more teams, the points gained are to count for the lower ranked team merit

·         A player having a walk-over in a league match will receive a 21 – 0 win for the merit

·         Sweep monies will be left to the discretion of the team captains.  A player having a walk-over will not enter the sweep


8.             Team membership:  all members, provided they have registered with the BCGBA, are eligible to play for the Cunliffe Arms Bowling Club in league and cup matches

8.1           Wrexham and District League: Rule 18 of the W&D League states that in any league match all clubs must field their strongest side as the A team and throughout other teams in terms of ability.  Any breach of this rule will be dealt with by the management committee.  Members wishing to play in the Wrexham and District League when making themselves available must be prepared to play for any team for which they are selected, regardless of their own playing preferences.

8.2          Flintshire League: as decreed by the rules of this league, a squad of players must be nominated prior to the commencement of fixtures for each team with no crossover allowed. 

8.3          Malpas league:  club members decided at the AGM in February 2008 that the two teams playing in this league will have separate squads with no crossover allowed.  Members will express a preference for the A or B teams on the pre-season membership form.

8.4          The Wrexham League takes priority over the Flintshire League in the event of a clash of fixtures.


9.             Malpas Senior Citizens’ League: the club will enter two teams and provide a representative on the management committee.  The two teams will have separate squads with no crossover

10.           Wrexham Pairs league: the club will enter two teams

11.           Welsh Counties League:  the club will enter one team

12.           League Competitions:  the club will enter only one team in the WG Roberts Cup but two in the Cyril Adams, now that there are only eight players in a team

13.           Club Competitions:  all internal club competitions will be played on a handicapped basis and two handicapping officers will be appointed at the AGM to set the level for each player

13.1         All competitions will be played to a conclusion on the day assigned on the calendar

13.2        Two competitions will be played on Saturdays, one before the league season starts and one after the league season finishes (calendar permitting).  The Cockbird Cup for veterans will be held on a Friday

13.3        All entrants to club competitions are to pay £1 with the money collected being pooled and divided equally among the winners and runners-up at the end of the season

14.           Disciplinary Procedure/Misconduct:  the committee shall have the power to deal with any wilful breach of Club, League, Area, WCGBA and BCGBA rules.  The decision of the committee on these matters shall be final.


15.           Rules of the Club:  all members are to wear flat-soled shoes on the green and to wear a top when playing in a league fixture; the club will not tolerate the use of racist, abusive or sexist comments, physical violence or threats directed towards fellow members, visitors or any individuals using the facilities of the club.

Eryl Jones, Secretary (last updated February 2012)